Planning Committee:

  • Cllr R Blamey (Chair)
  • Cllrs P Dodd, N McDonnell, S Medlen and S Parkes and co-opted member R Boyle                                                

Amenities & Services Committee:

  • Cllr L Spence (Chair)
  • Cllr R Blamey and S Parkes
  • Co-opted Member J Tooley                                 

Conduct and Complaints/Grievance Committee:

  • Cllr J Histed (Chair)
  • Cllrs P Dodd and L Spence

Community Warden Contact: 

  • Cllr P Dodd


  • Cllrs P Dodd, S Medlen, S Parkes and L Spence

Internal Auditor:

  • Cllr R Blamey

Lullingstone Liaison:

  • Cllr S Parkes
  • Mrs A Ball (co-opted)

KALC Voting Members:

  • Cllr R Blamey
  • S Moon

Shoreham Allotments Association :

  • Cllrs R Blamey, L Spence

Shoreham Society:

  • Cllr P Dodd

Shoreham Village Hall:

  • Cllr L Spence

Working Groups:

Emergency Planning Group:

  • Cllrs R Blamey, L Spence
  • R Abbott, N Vickers

Finance Group:

  • Cllrs  R Blamey, P Dodd, J Histed, L Spence

May 2015